Upcoming: ROSE Doll Expo 2018

I’m excited to be heading back to the ROSE doll expo July 13th & 14th in Layton, Utah. Last year I had a full pass and took part in all the reborn-related festivities (an awards banquet, a baby shower, and an ice cream party!). This year I have an exhibitor’s table and will distribute a survey to attendees. I hope people are willing to answer a few questions about their reborn collections and general enjoyment of the dolls.

Here are a few of the questions from my survey:

How many reborns do you have?
In what year did you get your first reborn?
Do you collect dolls other than reborns?
What activities do you enjoy doing with your reborn(s)?
If you use online platforms (web sites or groups) to interact with a reborn community, which ones do you like and why?
Do you regularly take your reborn(s) out into public spaces? Why or why not?

I’ve been following posts on Facebook from folks who are headed to ROSE and the excitement is building! I’m sure it will be another lovely event, this year’s theme is “Garden of Enchantment.” I’ve brought supplies to decorate my table so it doesn’t look too boring next to everyone else’s beautiful displays.





Curious about the ROSE International Doll Expo? Check out the video from 2017:


Author: emilie

My name is Emilie. I’m an artist and researcher and this blog Baby Talk is all about Reborn babies. I first encountered Reborn babies in January 2016 when a documentary about the hyper-realistic dolls appeared as a suggested video on YouTube. I wrote a paper describing everything I could learn about Reborns for my course that term. I also made my first reborn and I became very curious to know more about Reborn baby culture. I understand reborn babies to be a playful hobby for most enthusiasts and I welcome comments or questions, thoughts or requests.

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