Launching Questionnaire about Reborns

I’m excited to finally launch a questionnaire online which will gather responses from reborn baby enthusiasts. This questionnaire is intended to offer a wide range of reborn owners the opportunity to share their stories in short form. The responses will inform my dissertation. I will also be asking 5 to 8 respondents if they are willing to be interviewed later. Those interviews will allow me to have more in-depth conversations with reborn enthusiasts.

Here is a link to the questionnaire:

I will be posting this link in two Facebook groups: Reborn Baby Addicts, and Canadians Reborn Families. Because I’m based in Canada, I’m hoping to hear from some Canadians specifically. Fingers crossed that many people respond!

analysis blackboard board bubble
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Author: emilie

My name is Emilie. I’m an artist and researcher and this blog Baby Talk is all about Reborn babies. I first encountered Reborn babies in January 2016 when a documentary about the hyper-realistic dolls appeared as a suggested video on YouTube. I wrote a paper describing everything I could learn about Reborns for my course that term. I also made my first reborn and I became very curious to know more about Reborn baby culture. I understand reborn babies to be a playful hobby for most enthusiasts and I welcome comments or questions, thoughts or requests.

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